And another blog is born…

Just in case we weren’t saturated enough already with online media, blogs, social networking, and the like, I decided to jump in, too. After spending hours at work blogging as my boss’ voice (usually with my own slant, though – can’t help that), I decided there’s just too much information out there for me to write about it all at work. And with more sources of information than I can imagine and such a broad spectrum of topics / issues that fascinate me, I have set out to accomplish a small mission by writing my own blog. And that is to constantly push myself to research, publish, consolidate, connect, scattered information in the hopes of uncovering philanthropic opportunities, networking with others who share similar views, and continuing my personal education.

One of my ultimate goals here? To find ways to support people, places, and organizations that promote the greening of Atlanta through creation and preservation of parks and greenspace, the execution of transportation initiatives, as well as making Atlanta a wonderful place to live through good deeds, a healthy lifestyle, and a motivation to be outdoors.

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