Post-race recycling: getting everyone on board

An on-going aspiration of mine has been to institute a program that involves gathering volunteers to help recycle water bottles after various road races around Atlanta. This morning while running, I mentioned this to one of the women in our group and she said that what she would really like to see is an awareness program started so that people recognize the impact they’re leaving when they throw away their water bottles.

I think she’s onto something. It takes more than a garbage can with a big sign on it saying “Save Mother Earth.” (While I agree that we should save mother earth, it also seems to have become background noise to some.) People have to want to recycle and participate. Luckily, runners tend to be a bunch that have environmentally conscious people among their ranks, so it would be a matter of how to get it started and spread the word…

Ironically, running in and of itself is one of the more environmentally-friendly activities, we just need to make sure we take advantage of our opportunities to keep it as neutral as possible by recycling the hundreds of water bottles we use. This is definitely something I’ve been thinking about for a while and my marketing mind is working through the possibilities. Do you have ideas / thoughts? Let me know! More to come on this in the future, I’m sure…

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