Greenprints Conference, Sustainable Design, coming March 25 & 26, 2008

Southface is a wonderful Atlanta-based organization that promotes sustainable living through architecture and design in both the workplace and home. As Earth Craft homes and LEED-certified businesses stake their claim in Atlanta, Southface continues to educate those enthusiastic about building environmentally-friendly buildings. Last year, I had the good fortune of getting to know more about Southface close-up when they paired up with Whole Foods to present an evening recognizing environmental efforts in Atlanta. I have since attended Southface roundtables, which was a great intersection of non-profits and corporations around Atlanta and Decatur with common interests. Which brings me to their upcoming events…

Greenprints Conference and Tradeshow: This green-building symposium attracts people from all over the Southeast and will be held this year on March 25th and 26th, 2009. The conference brings together experts to explore ways to make Atlanta more sustainable with smart growth including strategies, initiatives based on the latest technology and trends. Check it out here and register soon if you would like to be a part of it at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta this year!

Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable: Once a month, Southface hosts a roundtable that is open to the public (next month’s is on February 6th, 2009). This month’s topics include addressing the budget challenges Georgia faces when it comes to a clean water supply, clean and inexpensive energyand funding for transportation initiatives. How will our elected officials handle these environmental issues? Join the discussion by signing up here!

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