Running around Atlanta with the Chattahoochee Runners’ Club

Yesterday morning, the Chattahoochee Runners’ Club provided us Atlantans with another great distance run! Fortunately (or unfortunately?), Atlanta is blessed with an inordinate amount of hills. If you’re skeptical, leave the car in the driveway and hit the street for a few miles and you’re bound to face a daunting slope or two. After a couple years of running in Atlanta, I can probably rattle off my top ten “favorite” hills. I’m training for the ING Georgia Marathon coming up in March, so the elevation changes are great practice for that extremely hilly race (and if you’re looking for extreme hills, check out Helen, Georgia’s annual HogPen 17K where you get a rolling warm-up for about three miles before making a righthand turn and heading up a mountain or two for 7.5 miles…)

Chattahoochee Road Runners Club in Atlanta, GAIf you’re looking for a running group in Atlanta, Chattahoochee Runners’ Club is a great way to go. For only $25 a year, they have a “Go the Distance” run every Saturday morning with maps, water stops, and all the usual support. Yesterday morning, after running 13-14 miles, we were also greeted with free coffee from Caribou, delicious biscuits from the Flying Biscuit, smoothies from Smoothie King, cookies and more!


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