Pick up your trash, Atlanta! And your car parts.

On the way home from work today, a rather conspicuous car bumper caught my eye. And it was not on a car. Rather, it was detached from its rightful owner and left on the corner of Clifton Road and Ponce de Leon Avenue in the strip of parks along Ponce. This is not the first of its kind I have seen scattered around Atlanta. In fact, car parts ranging from hubcabs to side mirrors to rear bumpers abound in various intersections, medians, gutters, and islands throughout the metro area.

Why is it that people do not feel responsible for picking up their car parts after getting in a wreck? More than likely, someone was driving like an asshole (as people tend to do periodically), got in a fender bender, and had to call a tow truck to come pick the car up. So who picks up the trash? There’s no magical sanitation fairy that trolls up and down the streets of Atlanta looking for spare parts to claim.

So, for those of you who get into these little pickles, please pick up your mangled car bits along with the rest of your vehicle and cart it off so it doesn’t leave an unsightly mess in our city’s parks and streets!

Thank you!

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