First delivery of organic groceries from local CSA, Moore Farms and Friends

I'm pretty excited over this head of lettuce... (and the little apples, potatoes, etc.)

I'm pretty excited about this head of lettuce... My friend Avis & I split up our first delivery from Moore Farms

Yes, I was pretty excited to walk into Sawicki’s in Decatur last week and ask for my first box of fresh potatoes, lettuce, cabbage, apples, and peppers from Moore Farms & Friends. While Atlanta residents have been participating in co-ops and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organizations for years (including parents of friends I grew up with), I was a CSA virgin until now. Of course, once I started looking, it wasn’t hard to find a collection of local farms that present a viable option to the produce section at Publix. And I LOVE the DeKalb Farmers’ Market, but it can still be hard to shop local farms when it is, indeed the international farmers’ market.

For more on local markets and farms, please visit my food page here! And feel free to let me know if you’re using a CSA, co-op, or local farm!

One Response to “First delivery of organic groceries from local CSA, Moore Farms and Friends”
  1. polly says:

    hey jen jen! you’re going to like me soon whenever our garden starts producing!! gabel’s planted the tomato and pepper seeds. (50 tomatoes.) if you’re sweet to him, he might give you one or two. they’re all heritage breeds from seed savers exchange.
    love you!

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