EarthCraft eco-friendly home builders in Atlanta celebrates 10-year anniversary!

Today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution announced the 10 year anniversary since the birth of EarthCraft green homes in Atlanta. Kevin Duffy reported, “In 10 years, EarthCraft House, a green-building program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Energy Institute, has spread to six Southeast states. More than 5,200 EarthCraft homes have been built; 43 percent of them are in metro Atlanta” (click here for the full article).

In the quest for energy-efficient green homes, the Environmental Protection Agency reached out to the National Association of Home Builders, which works to preserve and protect the homebuilding industry. Greater Atlanta Home Builders is one of over 800 local homebuilding organizations across the nation and happened to be the largest chapter of the National Association of Home Builders at the time, so they were chosen to establish a standard for constructing eco-friendly homes. We’re lucky to have both the Greater Atlanta Home Builders and Southface Energy Institute contributing to our green homes in Atlanta!

It may still take a while to convince more home buyers to buy a home because of its eco-friendly nature, but more people are looking for features that hold the environment in higher regard as is evidenced by material producers’ efforts, the real estate industry’s green certifications, and architects’ and interior designers’ participation.

A slight digression… stay tuned for a future blog on one of the most historic green building practices – timber-framing. My cousin’s husband is a timber-framer with Holder Brothers whose environmentally-friendly work starts with reclaimed wood and spans through the construction of a home assembled with hand-hewn riven pegs.

One Response to “EarthCraft eco-friendly home builders in Atlanta celebrates 10-year anniversary!”
  1. Bob Flynn says:

    Hi Jenny! I’ve had the chance to read a couple of your posts. So many great topics and ideas covered! I’ll be checking back (via the Google Reader as well). Definitely find some folks who will link to you, and the traffic will start pouring in.

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