Sustainable Atlanta introduces first comprehensive plan for a greener Atlanta

This past Tuesday, good news graced my eyes and ears courtesy of Southeast Green and NPR as they announced Sustainable Atlanta’s first environmental report for an eco-friendly Atlanta. By studying our trends and habits as a city, Sustainable Atlanta tackled five key areas and assembled a comprehensive plan to move Atlanta towards a greener future. Here is an overview of the goals set forth in the report:

  • Click here to view the full Sustainable Atlanta report!

    Click here to view the full Sustainable Atlanta report!

    Increase water awareness through the Sustainable Atlanta’s 50-year water plan. This will manifest itself in the toilet rebate program, sewer upgrades (including relining 2.5 miles of pipe every month), and tracking water usage (including water that our Atlanta communities recycle). This will also include the goal of a 5% decrease in water usage in general fund facilities.

  • Reduce Atlanta’s carbon footprint by 7% over the next three years, down from the current 540,000 metric tons. If implemented in full, all of the innovative ideas for government buildings could result in a $1 million savings in operating costs.
  • Dedication to the Architecture 2030 Challenge to set goals for fossil fuel reduction in new construction and in renovation of existing buildings with the goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2030. This will be overseen by the Atlanta Sustainable Building Task Force.
  • Continue to encourage carpooling and use of public transportation (see the Clean Air Campaign for ideas). Statistics show that where MARTA is available, Atlanta residents do use transit. The goal is to increase this usage while tracking the number of green cars the the percentage of carpoolers.
  • More green space! To quote from the report, “protect a minimum of 20% of Atlanta’s land area as green space; provide a minimum of 10 acres of core city parkland per 1,000 residents [we currently have 7.5 acres per 1,000 residents]; and protect at least 75% of environmentally sensitive lands through ownership and / or development regulations.”
  • Utilize the Recycling and Materials Management Task Force formed in 2008 to draft policy to encourage and support recycling in business and residences throughout Atlanta.

Want more?

Sustainable Atlanta’s mission statement:
an agent for developing the blueprint for ensuring Atlanta’s world-class environmental sustainability, Sustainable Atlanta connects business, organizations, institutions and residents to develop solutions and implement action plans to address the challenges and opportunities inherent in the relationship between environment, equity and the economy.

From the development of strategies to help achieve sustainable building and abundant water to zero waste, Sustainable Atlanta focuses on increasing commitment, capacity and velocity to advance Atlanta’s sustainability.

One Response to “Sustainable Atlanta introduces first comprehensive plan for a greener Atlanta”
  1. Matt Dernoga says:

    Nice post. Let’s hope they turn those kind of recommendations into action. I blog about these kinds of issues all the time. Check it out.

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