Alternate City of Atlanta recycling bins to prevent overflowing containers!

Many of Atlanta’s recycling residents have found frustration with overflowing bins since the City of Atlanta switched to a biweekly recycling schedule. A Morningside neighbor posted to the Morningside Lenox Park yahoo group:

The City is selling 95 gallon rolling recycling bins – they look just like your Herbie, except they are blue. The City paints on your house number and attaches the recycling schedule to the top and delivers it to your driveway. All you have to do is send a check for $70, payable to the City of Atlanta, Department of Public Works, 55 Trinity Place, Suite 4800, Atlanta, 30303-3531. It took about two weeks from check to delivery. I have heard that Wal-Mart and Home Depot may have some that are cheaper but we could not find one.

Still no excuses not to recycle here in Georgia!

One Response to “Alternate City of Atlanta recycling bins to prevent overflowing containers!”
  1. Bob Flynn says:

    Wow. Someone took our bin, so I just sprinkle our recycling in the neighbor’s bins every Monday morning. Though, we have recycling on a weekly basis.

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