Recycle your old, broken, or unwanted household items with Freecycle instead of sending them to a landfill!

Freecycle is no secret – people across the country participate in groups to give away used, broken, and generally unwanted household items for free. Why free? A concerted effort to keep junk out of landfills. For Georgians who send 4.3 pounds of garbage to landfills every single day, this is great news (which makes me wonder for everyone recycling, freecycling, etc. and reducing waste… how many pounds of junk are others throwing away??). You can read more about freecyling and how it got started on the freecycle website here!

Here’s a link to Atlanta’s freecycle yahoo group inside the perimeter:

And for a freecycle group in the greater Atlanta area, please visit their site here located on the main website:

As an example, last week my next door neighbors posted their broken gas grill up on the Atlanta yahoo freecycle site and within an hour, they had seven responses from interested people. Within a few hours, they had hauled the grill up to the curb where a woman and her husband came by to get it. As a result, the grill, propane tank, cover, etc. were all saved from going in a landfill. And someone received the gift of a free, new-to-them-grill they get to tinker around with and fix.

So check it out for items you may be interested in or to post items you no longer want! Just remember to be quick – items go fast!

3 Responses to “Recycle your old, broken, or unwanted household items with Freecycle instead of sending them to a landfill!”
  1. David Bruce says:

    Yes, join the Atlanta recycle group, but don’t even try to join the Decatur group. Apparently it’s an exclusive privilege.

    I tried to rejoin the Freecycle group yesterday, so we could pass on a Leland cypress and some computers. We were going to try to give them away a Craigslist, when a visiting friend suggested Freecycle. I remembered that I’d joined them, then discovered today that my membership was terminated. Bear in mind, this is a Yahoo group, and group services are free. This was the response I received from Herr Moderator:

    Hi there,
    I am hesitant to approve your membership due to:

    You joined in April 2005, and then had no activity for a couple of years.
    After I took over ownership of the group, on and off over the months and years, I removed inactive members. I removed your membership in October 2007.

    You re-joined in October 2007, and then you decided to leave the group in April 2008. During this time, again, you did not have any activity.

    It seems to imply that you do not have items in danger of being thrown in a landfill.

    It is now about a year since your last request to join. (Interesting that your join message is “Friend’s recommendation” when one would think it is because you know about Freecyle already.)

    Out of curiosity, what is your purpose in joining freecycle if you do not have items that might go in the landfill? We may still approve your membership, but I admit, I am hesitant based on your history. We like active members and not just members.

    Please let me know.

    • Louise says:

      So…this refusal was from the Decatur Freecycling group? If so, then whew! I live in Buckhead and it seems that a lot of what’s beneficial and progressive is always in Decatur. But it sounds like for once at least the freecycling may be friendlier on this side of town.

  2. That seems strange that the Decatur group would be hesitant – freecycle seems like a service to be used when the opportunity arises and not necessarily a constant flow of goods… How much stuff can one person have to give away with consistency over the course of a few years?

    And yes, Decatur is a great for being beneficial and progressive! 🙂

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