Atlanta is going green with a new organic hair salon, gallery, and boutique!

Last week, I received this press release for Clove, a new totally green and organic hair salon opening up on 6th Street in Midtown Atlanta!

Clove’s mission statement:
Clove salon is one of the first environmentally focused salons in Atlanta. From construction to everyday operations we attempt to be as ‘green’ as is possible in our industry. 100% of the products used in the salon are NOT tested on animals, and our recycling program goes above and beyond to add highlighting foils and colour tubes, something no other salon in Atlanta claims to do. Allergy free flooring, energy efficient bulbs and appliances, low voc paints, biodegradable cleaners and a commitment to continuously become more environmentally efficient are just a few of the things that set us apart from the rest. We will always be looking for ways to improve our business, environmentally and otherwise.

Clove Salon also features the Rene Furterer line, which is made in Paris by a pharmaceutical group called Pierre Fabre. The group only deals in natural and holistic remedies and is best known for their natural cancer treatments in Europe. Rene Furterer uses essential oils in their products so in your shampoo you could have basil and peppermint, myrr, cherry vinegar, caraway, or soy – and these are just some of the contents from their line. Rene Furterer sold his product line to Pierre Fabre because he was retiring and knew that they would continue his legacy of natural hair care if they were continuing to only produce natural remedies in a time of medicine moving towards more harmful synthetic chemicals.

Contact Clove:
404.249.7855  |  165 6th Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

For more information, please contact Eileen Tilson with Tipping Point Entertainment at or 770-313-7014.

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