Local Decatur business Renewal Design-Build is branching out to offer green Home Performance Assessments

Have you ever worried about the air quality in your home? high energy bills? drafty windows or doors? Good news is here! In 2001, Local Decatur eco-friendly business Renewal Design-Build established themselves as an expert green renovations company. Now, as people’s interest in energy efficient homes increases, they are adding to their services with their sister company, Renewal Systems Solutions. Below is press release from Renewal Design-Build:

Local Decatur Business Offers Home Performance Assessments

May 22, 2009 –Considering that 45% of Decatur and 61% of Atlanta homes were built before 1960, it’s not surprising that local homeowners are often faced with drafty windows and doors and leaky ducts, often resulting in high energy bills.

Renewal System Solutions – sister company of Decatur’s Renewal Design-Build – offers Home Performance with Energy Star, a comprehensive home assessment that reveals where and why a home is not energy efficient. With diagnostic equipment, Renewal can pinpoint a home’s problems and provide the homeowner with solutions. Home improvement services include: energy efficient renovations, HVAC systems, duct systems, crawl space encapsulation, insulation and air sealing, replacement window and doors, and combustion safety. Improvements to the home result in improved energy efficiency and air quality, and lower utility bills.

“Twenty percent of the energy produced in the United States is consumed by homes,” says Renewal CEO Peter Michelson. “By evaluating and making improvements to our homes, we as homeowners are protecting the environment by conserving energy, and we are saving money by cutting costs on our utility bills. It’s a win-win all around.”

Homeowners will not only save on utility bills, but they can also get cash in their pockets through rebates and tax credits. Georgia Power is now offering its customers Home Performance rebates, and there is a multitude of federal tax credits available to those homeowners making green improvements to their homes in 2009 and 2010. For more information on getting your home tested, visit www.RenewalSystemSolutions.com.

For information on RSS or RDB, call 404.378.6962 or visit www.RenewalDesignBuild.com or www.RenewalSystemSolutions.com. You can also contact: Joe Thomas, home performance consultant, at 404.378.6962 or Joe@RenewalSystemSolutions.com

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