And the winner from the free giveaway for Clove salon in Midtown Atlanta is…


Congratulations, Erin! You just won a $100 hair treatment with Clove salon, gallery, & boutique in Midtown! When posed asked for a favorite green beauty or health product or tip, Erin answered:

My green beauty tips; don’t wash your hair every day (and use natural shampoos) if your hair starts to get greasy, you can sprinkle a little baby powder near the scalp. Put a bucket in your shower to capture excess water to water your plants with. And keep all of your appliances unplugged unless using them.

Erin also goes green by composting and keeping a garden with her husband (which she uses her shower water on in the hot, dry Atlanta summer months). You can also check out our winner’s original art here!

Thank you to everyone who participated and for your comments and views! And stay tuned for more green giveaways coming up!


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