GoodGuide tells us what’s what when it comes to the environmental impact of consumer products

Ever wonder what’s REALLY in the products you buy, whether it’s food or health or beauty? What exactly does “green” mean when a product touts its environmental stewardship? Here to decipher the chemical make-up (and the impact of it all) is GoodGuide.

On their website, you can browse ratings of a wide variety of eco-friendly products divided by catagory or you can search specifically for a product you use frequently. So you can find out if the shampoo you use has harmful chemicals in it, or the sunscreen you use has cancer-causing carcinogens, or the cleaners you use has irritants in it, or what exactly is in the food you eat. You can then filter products to view only those that are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals, fragrance-free, organic, low in sodium, etc.  

GoodGuide’s ratings go beyond just the ingredients to focus on everything from a company’s carbon footprint to their core philisophies and treatment of workers to their philanthropic contributions. A wide variety of data are aggregated into the system to feed the ratings, and you can read more about that by clicking “ratings” at the top of their website.

You can read more about the background behind GoodGuide in this New York Times article. Thanks to Rachel for sending this in!

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