Finding local Georgia-grown food in Atlanta and Decatur restaurants…

An increasing number of Atlanta and Decatur restaurants are embracing sustainable eating habits from Georgia farms and producers, which is great news! For the past few months, I’ve been compiling my own little list of local Atlanta restaurants that buy locally and support our Georgia farmers with the intention of publishing it eventually after establishing a more substantial list, but then I came across a blog today by the name of the Georgia Green Dining Guide. And they’ve done all the work! Or at least are in the process of eating their way through Atlanta’s environmentally-friendly restaurants. So you should check out their blog! I’ll definitely be checking back.

In the meantime, here is a small list of local Atlanta restaurants who buy from local Georgia farms. I will continue to update this list and encourage you to leave a comment below and let me know where you go for your favorite local Atlanta food!

Coming soon is a feature article on Atlanta’s own Green Foodservice Alliance, and organization changing the face of sustainable restaurant practices in Atlanta with Zero Waste Zones, recycling, composting, and more!

One Response to “Finding local Georgia-grown food in Atlanta and Decatur restaurants…”
  1. I’m so excited to connect with you. GreenPlate is working to help restaurants go green, from food, to waste, to disposables, training, electricity, water and more. We want them to find cost-neutral ways to green so that they may stay current with environmental trends being requested by consumers. Keep up the good work on reporting (and contact us:)!

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