Intown neighborhood Lake Claire boasts Atlanta’s only biodiesel fuel pump

The following is courtesy of the Lake Claire Clarion (the local newspaper of an intown Atlanta neighborhood) and was printed in their August 2009 issue:

The Only Biodiesel Pump in Atlanta Is Right in Our Backyard

If you’ve found yourself on Arizona on the other side of DeKalb, you might have noticed a shipping container in a parking lot, sandwiched between a warehouse and a brick office building, that appears to be a pumping station. This is Atlanta’s only biodiesel pump, a 24/7 self-service kiosk operated by Refuel Biodiesel, a program of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). Founded in 2006, Refuel collects used cooking oil from restaurants and kitchens in Atlanta and processes it locally into biodiesel for the Atlanta market.

“Our locally-based production model aids local waste management and significantly decreases the energy costs associated with feedstock and fuel transportation,” the program states on its Web site. “Furthermore, because we are part of a nonprofit organization, all proceeds from the Refuel program are used to promote responsible energy solutions in the southeast.”

Who uses the biodiesel fuel? Is it available to the general public?

Refuel Biodiesel’s pump is located in the Lake Claire neighborhood at 250 Arizona Street near the intersection with DeKalb Avenue (map it!). The self-service pump is B20 with plans to add a B100 nozzle in the future. Here is what their site said about who can use biodiesel fuel:

  • Biodiesel can only be used in vehicles equipped with DIESEL engines.
  • Biodiesel can NOT be used in vehicles equipped with gasoline engines.
  • The use of biodiesel MAY affect your vehicle’s warranty coverage, check with your auto manufacturer to confirm allowable usage.
  • Refuel Biodiesel is not responsible for any damage resulting from biodiesel usage.
  • If you are unsure about biodiesel usage, contact us first.

Interested in learning more about biodiesel and which vehicles can use it? Visit Refuel’s Web site at


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