Review of the Doug Kessler 10K race in Sandy Springs: great race, but no recycling!!

Ugh! On Saturday morning, my boyfriend, his family, and I ran the Doug Kessler 5K and 10K in Sandy Springs, which is a great, relatively flat course that tends to yield qualifying times for the Peachtree Road Race. However, a continued source of intense frustration for me reared its ugly head again – there was no race recycling!! How hard can it be?? To make matters worse, the water stops were stocked with 1.5 liter plastic water bottles for hundreds of runners (instead of water coolers filled from bath tubs or garden hoses) and little hard plastic cups provided by juice-maker Fuze alongside some paper cups). At the end of the race, they handed out small Aquafina bottles to thirsty runners who, after a very humid run, probably drank 2-3 of them each. So, a lot of water was handed out in many small plastic containers and none of it was recycled. I should have enjoyed the run, but had to struggle to keep my blood pressure down!

Well, we’re about to change all of that. Race recycling (and the lack thereof) is something that has bothered me for a very long time (read here), but now we’re going to start working with B Green Services to provide race recycling services across metro Atlanta. Emil Bekyarov heads B Green Services, which currently provides complete recycling solutions to hotels and restaurants around Atlanta, and we’re going to work together to institute race recycling at the Silver Comet Half-Marathon in conjunction with Dana Greene of Get Fit Atlanta! I’m incredibly excited about this and will be posting more about it in the near future, so stay tuned!

Are you interested in race recycling? Do you know of a specific race or race production company that could use our help in recycling at their race(s)? Would you be interested in volunteering with us to make race recycling a reality? Please leave a comment below and let me know!

2 Responses to “Review of the Doug Kessler 10K race in Sandy Springs: great race, but no recycling!!”
  1. Tom Bethel says:

    Southeast Waste Services (thru its subsidiary Southeast Site Services) has been providing recycling solutions for all types of outdoor events, including Run/Walk events. Through a strategic partnership with a local sorter, Southeast Site Services can provide recycling of 1-7 plastic as well as aluminum/cans, paper and glass. Much of the waste produced by an event such as a Run/Walk can be recycled. Southeast Site Services routinely works with race directors to strategically place recycling bins on the course and in the start/finish areas.

    Southeast Site Services serves the Metro Area and can be reached at 404-350-9191.

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