High speed rail between Atlanta and Macon? Georgia has applied for federal funding.

Georgia applied for a federal grant earlier this month for $472 million to fund a high-speed rail between Macon / Lovejoy and Atlanta (read the story and comments from the Atlanta Business Chronicle here). This is one piece to the proposed multi-modal transportation hub to be centered in downtown Atlanta. Expanding commuter rails out from the heart of Atlanta are one part of a bigger transportation plan and make it difficult to know where to best put our money and efforts first. Atlanta is extremely dense in our suburbs within a 20-mile radius or so (not so much a 75 mile radius, which would include Macon). I realize that there’s everything in between, which would be great to get people onto commuter rail and out of cars, but we’ve also got to work hard to change people’s mentality to leave their cars behind when they come into the city (and not just on game days).

The Georgia Department of Transportation is competing for a slice of Obama’s $8 billion alloted for high speed rail projects across the country. GDOT is hoping that their partnership with Norfolk-Southern will help in winning the grant.

You can read my previous blog about the Brain Train here, which would be the line from Athens to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Macon.

One Response to “High speed rail between Atlanta and Macon? Georgia has applied for federal funding.”
  1. Doc R says:

    I’ve recently returned tyo Macon after a few years away. What is the current status of federal funding for the ATL-MCN high speed rail?

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