Making strides on race recycling with B Green Recycling at the Silver Comet Half-Marathon!

B Green Services Atlanta's complete recycling solution

B Green Services will be providing race recycling at the 2009 Silver Comet Half-Marathon. Interested in volunteering to help? Email me at!

This year, the Silver Comet Half-Marathon is going to be eco-friendly with race recycling provided by B Green Services! The race starts in Mableton (west of Atlanta) and is an out and back course along the Silver Comet Trail with a finish line at the Silver Comet Depot. B Green Services will have recycling bins strategically placed near each of the water stops along the course and will have one of our volunteers work with the water stop volunteers to ensure all recyclables go into the bin and anything else goes into the trash (although most everything out there will be recycleable).

As race recycling is something that I’ve been pasionate about for a while now, I’m looking forward to volunteering this Saturday! If you’re interested in volunteering, just send me a quick email ( or leave a comment below. We would love to have a few more people help! Thank you to those who have already committed to helping us recycle!

The Silver Comet Half-Marathon has become an annual event put on by Dana Greene, founder of Get Fit Atlanta. It’s a great, flat course, and we’re excited to work with Dana, who is also an avid recycler, gardener, and athletic enthusiast. Stay tuned for part II: a post-race recycling follow-up to come next week!


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