Find local food near you in Atlanta restaurants, Georgia farms, and CSAs with Georgia Organics google map

I stumbled across Georgia Organics’ local organic directory online today. This is an extensive google map they’ve built which identifies with colored balloons our Georgia growers, farmers, and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture); farmers’ markets (and not just in Atlanta, but also other major cities in Georgia); restaurants that sustain farm-to-table practices; and grocery stores and specialty shops that support local Georgia farmers.

If you like this map, you’ll love Georgia Organics’ Local Food Guide! If you’ve never seen it before, you should take a few minutes to download the PDF and check it out. It’s an in-depth guide to the pin points on their google map – and so much more about local Georgia farms, organic Atlanta restaurants, etc. And if you’re looking for a year-round CSA to join, I can highly recommend my CSA, Moore Farm and Friends. So check them out, too!

If you’re looking for reviews of local Atlanta restaurants that endeavor to embrace not only farm-to-table principles, but also sustainable business practices, then take a look at Kathy’s Georgia Green Dining Guide as she munches her way through the cities most eco-friendly restaurants. And happy eating!

Georgia Organics' online directory for local farms, Atlanta restaurants, CSAs, and more!

Georgia Organics has assembled an impressive directory of local Georgia farms, farmers' markets, CSAs, Atlanta restaurants, and specialty grocery stores who all support the local food movement!


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