Calling all artists for the Atlanta BeltLine’s first temporary public art event: Art on the BeltLine

Art on the BeltLine 2010: Atlanta's New Public PlaceWelcome to Atlanta’s New Public Place!

The Atlanta BeltLine is inviting Atlanta artists and residents to rediscover our historic rail corridors as they are transformed into the future of Atlanta’s transit! Coming this June 2010, the BeltLine will launch a massive public art event taking place along the eight miles of open hiking trail. “Art on the BeltLine: Atlanta’s New Public Place” will showcase visual arts, performing arts, and historic site interpretation to direct the public’s attention to this amazing resource that encircles downtown Atlanta, thus increasing the level of awareness and fostering a sense of ownership to ensure that the BeltLine becomes a truly public amenity.

We just released the call for artists to submit proposals this week and, already, this public art project is taking on a life of its own! In conjunction with performances, sculpture, music, art, and more within the BeltLine corridor itself, galleries and festivals along the path are already gearing up with their own tie-in events – and it’s all happening quickly! So how can you get involved?

Submit an Artist’s Proposal to Art on the BeltLine

Visual and performing artists are invited to submit proposals for temporary works of visual and performing art to be a part of this May through October event. Potential projects should reflect the historic, environmental, cultural, functional, urban design, and/or aesthetic parameters of the sites and should be well‐researched, well‐planned and feasible. Although not limited to the following examples, potential projects might include all or some of the following:

  • Temporary art, sculptural or visual installations
  • Gateway or entrance works
  • Performance works of all kinds, including but not limited to music, dance, theater and performance art
  • Transformation of existing structures or surfaces, such as bridges and overpasses
  • Utilization of fences or screening devices
  • Transformation of the backs of buildings
  • Amenities for visitors – such as benches, bike racks, shade structures, recycling and trash collection receptacles
  • Establishment of play areas or game sites
  • Loan of existing artwork, such as sculptures or assemblages
  • Murals
  • Plantings or environmental works

Direct from the Atlanta BeltLine temporary call for artists:

Potential art projects may be designed for site‐specific installation, but this is not a requirement. Contemporary and interdisciplinary approaches, innovative uses (or re‐uses) of materials and new technologies are encouraged. Applicants are asked to consider ways in which some level of community involvement might be facilitated in the creation or ongoing interaction of the projects.

Proposed materials should be modestly priced and durable with minimal maintenance in an outdoor setting. All works must be designed to be safely removed at the end of the designated period, or disintegrate safely into the environment. No works or materials deemed to be dangerous, toxic or hazardous to public safety will be accepted and all construction methods must be adequate and safe for public interaction. While we would like to have projects that last throughout the six month time period, we are also interested in performance works or ephemeral works that could be scheduled to occur periodically throughout the time frame. If the location or its elements (trees, slope, etc.) might be part of the concept, we will identify volunteers to work with the artist(s) to help prepare the site, clear underbrush, etc.

Art on the BeltLine public arts exhibition on Atlanta summer 2010

This view from Inman Park Village toward Freedom Park bridge in the BeltLine corridor will be transformed into a massive Atlanta public art exhibition this summer as this stretch of hiking trail opens!

Proposed projects will be presented in the following sections of the BeltLine:

1) Stretch between Piedmont Park and DeKalb Avenue
2) Stretch between Wylie Street and Glenwood Avenue
3) Stretch between Washington Park and Allene Avenue

BeltLine walking tours will be conducted every Saturday along a section of the BeltLine. Artists are encouraged to explore the trails during one of these tours to be better educated about the terrain and history of the BeltLine (see timeline and calendar below).

There are three budget levels for the temporary projects: $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000. Please note that funds are limited and we encourage proposals at all three levels. The amount awarded will be at the discretion of the selection panel. Of the total grant amount, artists should incorporate a minimum of 20% as an artist fee in the budget that must be submitted with each proposal. The fee will cover the design (including artist’s fee) fabrication, shipping, installation, maintenance and de‐installation of the project. Artists may solicit contributions of materials or cash from other sources.

The timeline for informational workshops, BeltLine hikes, submission, juried selection, notification, and installation is as follows:

  • Call for artist proposals published: February 2010
  • Workshops: February 16, 17, and 18, 2010 (see full calendar for details)
  • BeltLine walks to explore the corridor for site-specific submissions: February 13, 20, 27 and March 6, 2010 (see full calendar for details)
  • Deadline for entries: March 12, 2010 at 4:00 pm
  • Panel review: March 2010
  • Accepted entries notified: Week of April 5, 2010
  • Contracting and initial payment: Beginning week of April 12, 2010
  • Installation period: May 8 – June 4, 2010 [Installations will be staggered beginning in May, projects must be installed no later than June 4th. A timeline and installation schedule will be developed with each artist or artist team.
  • Exhibition officially opens: June 5, 2010
  • Public events and performances: May – October 2010
  • Final de‐installation: October 2010

Click here for the artists’ and volunteers’ google calendar, which will be updated as dates and events are solidified – so keep checking back! The official website for all things Art on the BeltLine is Easy enough, right?

Volunteer with Art on the BeltLine

This temporary art project will not be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers – and I know you’re out there because I’ve worked with so many of you! I am working with the committee on establishing our volunteer needs and schedule, so please stay tuned as we put out calls for volunteers as well! A few of the volunteer types we will be looking for include: an overall Installation Manager to coordinate the artists’ work along the eight miles of trail; artist liaisons to be the point of contact for a certain number of artists; volunteer crews to help clear and prepare sites for installation; folks to assist artists with their installations during their allotted set-up time; etc. If you’re interested, you can email me right now at and I will make sure I keep you posted as opportunities develop.

Donate to or sponsor Art on the BeltLine

In addition to a volunteer force, we’re also looking for generous donors who may have goods or services they are able to donate to help pull off this project. This could be anything from building materials to help with stages for performance art or a crane to help lift in heavy sculptures or printing services to help with the Art on the BeltLine guide maps that will be made available. We’re also looking for corporate sponsors who are willing to donate funds in return for us displaying your logo across marketing materials. We’ll also be developing this list of specific items we’ll be in need of, but in the meantime, if you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to email me at!

We hope to make this an annual public art event in Atlanta and appreciate everyone’s support in this inaugural year! From artists to volunteers to donors to sponsors, we’ll have a lot of talented people putting on this huge, one-of-a-kind event in Atlanta’s new public realm!

4 Responses to “Calling all artists for the Atlanta BeltLine’s first temporary public art event: Art on the BeltLine”
  1. Lee Hansen says:

    Our band, “Urban Blue'” would like to be considered for a performance at the “Art on the Beltline” event this June. We will need to know in advance, the dates being considered so that we kan keep that date open on our calendars. “Urban Blue” is a six piece, Atlanta based band. More information is available on the above website.

  2. Monica says:

    The website links to Not sure if this is an error, as there is no information about the art beltline project on this site. If someone could please address this, it would be greatly appreciated! I specifically wanted to know more about the format, length, and details to be included in the proposal.

  3. Michael says:

    Just wondering if decisions have been made regarding art on the beltline. Will we be notified either way (if accepted or not accepted?). Looking forward to seeing the results of the beltline project!

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