BeltLine Art: come put your signature on the BeltLine with hand-painted signs!

BeltLine Art signs at Atlanta street crossings

Last year's Signing of the BeltLine yeilded 108 plywood signs at 54 BeltLine crossings - this year's goal is 216! Photo courtesy of Angel Poventud, not sure which artist. 🙂

Last summer, dozens of Atlantans came out for the Signing of the BeltLine – a grassroots project that involved 108 plywood boards, hand-painted and hung two-to-a-crossing along the entirety of the Atlanta BeltLine. Did you see those signs and wonder what those signs were? Did you wish you’d been able to participate? Well, it’s happening again! Whether or not you’ve wielded a paint brush before, your help is needed! Especially since the goal is to double the number of signs to 216 to place four at each of the BeltLine’s 54 crossings!

  • What: Signing of the BeltLine 2010
  • When: Saturday, February 20th, 2010 from noon until complete
  • Where: Eyedrum Gallery at 290 Martin Luther King Jr Drive, Atlanta, 30312
  • Who: YOU! Everyone is needed to paint signs, no matter the level of artistic skill
  • What you need: Bring any paint and paint brushes you may have lying around the house, as well as the determination to paint as many boards as you can handle

Questions? Please feel free to contact Angel Luis Poventud, official BeltLine Cheerleader at or 404-892-8306.

2 Responses to “BeltLine Art: come put your signature on the BeltLine with hand-painted signs!”
  1. Angel Luis Poventud says:

    I just wanted to give proper credit to the artist who painted the sign with the bike rider and the sheep. It was Chris Schwartz and it went up at I-20 and Bill Kennedy near Glenwood Park last year and stayed up for a couple of weeks before it came down. I guess I’ll also mention that we were able to get over 220 signs painted Saturday and that over 200 of them were put up last night, Feb 21, 2010, all over the city following the 22 miles of BeltLine. Thanks to all that came out to help this weekend.

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