Green property designations aren’t just for Realtors – property managers can also benefit

A few weeks ago, Chris Thorman, who blogs about rental property software, shared with me an article about the mix of green housing and the rental market, which I found to be especially intriguing as it is a goal of mine to own several eco-friendly investment properties (maybe by the time I’m 60, but who’s counting?). As hot topics go, sustainable housing has ranked high on the list of select real estate agencies, new housing construction companies, and corporate offices (think Earth Share and LEED certifications), but how many property managers have green rental homes?

Of the over 4,300 people who have earned the Green Designation, approximately 60 of them are property managers. Even though NAR’s Green Designation is only a 18-hour course, it can lay an important foundation in sustainability for property manager.

And how can green property management make a significant impact on our environment? Chris explains:

One of the main reasons why green property management is becoming increasingly important is the fact that buildings account for 50-80% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Many experts are pointing to reducing building greenhouse gas emissions as the most effective and least cost-prohibitive way to fight global warming.

In addition, there are approximately 300,000 property managers in the United States, managing over 90 million tenants. That’s nearly one-third of the U.S. population depending on another person to manage their building’s sustainability.

Instead of just one home owner responsible for greening one home, a property manager has the opportunity to engage many residents in the practices of sustainable living and reduce their carbon footprint through community-wide changes to properties.

Read the full article here: Ask your landlord about their green credentials.

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