The new Mason Mill Park redevelopment plan breaks ground

This past Saturday, Mason Mill Park officially broke ground on the renovation master plans for our new park. Not only is it exciting to have this Atlanta tennis landmark revamped and improved, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future bridge connecting the controversial PATH Foundation’s trail to Mason Mill Park – and to Emory and beyond. I have not been a fan of the PATH trail (connecting Medlock Park to Mason Mill Park) for several reasons (the destruction of pristine forest ranking high on the list), including the “path to nowhere” refrain that reverberated through our neighborhood. If PATH could connect the trail to places beyond two parks located only one mile apart, I could more easily get on board, but a few major roadblocks have stood in the way – one them being the CSX railroad tracks that the proposed bridge will now fly over, so I’m happier about that.

Here is the update I received from my Laurel Ridge yahoo group:

The county has officially selected a contractor for construction to improve the day-use area of Mason Mill Park (30033). The construction costs, not to exceed $2.1 million, will be funded by the county parks bond.

The improvements include a full-scale play area, new dog park, relocated parking spaces, and improved storm water management. The day-use construction is the first phase of a $7 million master plan for the entire park. To see the plans for the day-use area and the entire park, see links at the bottom. The plans reflect the consensus of county citizens at five public meetings from September 2008 to February 2010.

In conjunction with the day-use renovations, PATH has contracted for a path over the railroad tracks in Mason Mill Park in order to connect that park to Medlock Park.

I try to attend the Mason Mill meetings whenever possible, so I’ll be sure to keep you updated as I find out more.

To check out Mason Mill Park, visit 1340 McConnell Drive, Decatur 30033-3539. To stroll in the woods, continue on McConnell until it deadends into a gravel parking lot, where you can follow a walking trail into the woods, across the railroad tracks, across Burnt Fork Creek, and into the woods.

9 Responses to “The new Mason Mill Park redevelopment plan breaks ground”
  1. Patty says:

    What a great site! I’ll frequent back. We own a Green Company in Atlanta that lets you green your home at your own pace. Some of my customers would also like this blog.. so I will adding this one to our links. Great Information!

  2. Chris says:

    It would be nice if you would add a cement skatepark as well. Plenty of land space. There aren’t enough skateparks in the city. I have to drive my kids out to Gwinnett for the free skateparks, and they have tons of them. Would be nice to stay in the city for our recreational needs.

  3. WhyDidTheyDoThat?? says:

    OMG WTF? The giant baseball diamond is GONE, the track is GONE, the picnic pavilion is GONE the green and the trees are GONE and now the whole thing’s a freaking parking lot!!!!! Thanks! Now where am I going to have my picnics? Who the hell approved this? What were they smoking? This is HORRIBLE!!

  4. WhyDidTheyDoThat?? says:

    Oh never mind, now I see the tiny little picnic area LOL but damn, the project’s kinda shocking. “Green” project = no more green field. Can’t say I like this. It’s more like a legally required stormwater pond (i.e., future mosquito pit) + parking lot.

  5. Jack says:

    We now have 160 parking spaces for a playground plus 80 parking spaces for the tennis center. I’ve never seen more than 20 parked cars at that park MAX. Seriously – can people petition to make 55 of those parking spaces into green grass again? Better yet, lose 110 of those parking spaces, and have 39 left in front and about 90 left at the tennis center. I mean, Jeez, LOL, what kind of event do you expect at the playground that requires all that parking?? They really messed up that park.

    Click to access MASON%20MILL3rdMeetingDAYUSEAREA.pdf

  6. R.D. says:

    The Mason Mills ruins have essentially been destroyed. One of the most depressing and disgusting things I have ever seen in my life. One of Atlanta’s most magnificent hidden treasures knocked down for a dog park. Great.

    • I couldn’t agree more. We go down there to walk our dog and let him play in the creek almost every week. I’ve been watching in horror as more and more forest disappears and is replaced by manicured lawns and retention ponds. The juxtaposition of historic ruins, graffiti, and prettied-up grass borders on a joke. Did you see where they cleared and graded the entire creek bank? What is the purpose of that? I’m all for progress and, as massive as the bridge going in is, at least it will connect that “path to nowhere” to something and I may be able to use it to commute to work by bike one day. But to clear whole sections of the forest is uncalled for…

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