Farm Burger in Decatur serves up local Georgia beef patties (and a veggie option!)

Farm Burger in Decatur GA serves up local Georgia beef patties

Within minutes of Farm Burger opening in Decatur, Zack turned to me and simultaneously declared his hunger and desire to try this new place that served hamburgers made with local beef (sourced in part from one of our frequent farms, White Oak Pastures). It took a few weeks, but we finally dined in recently, later on a Sunday evening after the crowds had died down.

Farm Burger in Decatur GA offers up grassfed beef burgers at feel-good prices

My second time around at Farm Burger in Decatur, I just got the kid's meal for a pint-sized afternoon snack. That and my apple juice box hit the spot.

About a year and a half ago, I decided to cut down on (and then cut out) eating meat of unknown origins, and to stick to meat that came from sustainable farms in Georgia. I thought that it would essentially leave me a vegetarian, without claiming myself as such. However, places like Farm Burger make it easy to be a principled meat-eater – and with delicious burgers, too.

Burgers are made to order and you can choose a variety of your own toppings or pick from one of the house burgers with a savory combination of flavors. The decor is that of a southern home / barn with a picnic-table feel. I’m no food critic, but definitely wanted to share with you that these tasty burgers are worth a visit to Farm Burger – especially if you’re going for the more eco-friendly lifestyle. And for those that are true vegetarians, there is a veggie burger option, too!

For all the times I try to explain to people why grassfed beef is better, here is a great, quick synopsis from the Farm Burger website – “Why grassfed beef?”

Farm Burger also supports these other local and sustainable Georgia farms, including the following:

White Oak Pastures
Moore Family Farms
(my CSA you’ve probably seen me write about)
Red Mule Grits
Riverview Farm
Sequatchie Cove
Woodland Gardens
Crystal Organics
Love is Love Farm
Enchanted Mountain Trout
Sparkman’s Dairy
Roots Farm
Backyard Harvest
Gum Creek Farm
Featherwise Farms

And check out these other sustainable burger joints around town (for the sustainable eater):

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