Tasty Georgia blueberry picking at Washington Farms (about an hour outside of Atlanta)

Last weekend, my boyfriend, extended family, and I went Georgia blueberry picking at Washington Farms about an hour outside of Atlanta. I went in with high hopes of walking away with a cooler of full of berries like we did with strawberries before, but alas, blueberries are more time consuming to pick (nevermind that they’re about a tenth the size of a strawberry). So each of us ended up walking away with a little less than one gallon each. Not enough to last me the year as I’d hoped, but certainly enough to make one cobbler a day for a week and still have some to spare.

Georgia blueberry picking at Washington Farms near Atlanta

Picking blueberries at Washington Farms on a bright July day (maybe sunscreen would have been a good idea)

Washington Farms is extremely easy to find and they give clear directions on their website from just about any direction you could be coming from. They have two farms (one in Watkinsville and one in Loganville) and you should call ahead of time to make sure they still have blueberries left (the season will be winding down). They also have strawberry picking in the spring and pumpkins and fun activities for kids in the fall.

After we left Washington Farms in Watkinsville, we went back to my cousin’s farm house to cook up some of the blueberries as well as feed the chickens…

Feeding the chickens at my cousin's farm near Washington Farms

They didn't get blueberries, but they seemed alright with their diet of bugs and feed

And pick tomatoes (only if they exceeded 5 pounds in weight)…

Zack with a giant tomato, on his head for size comparison

Caprese salad anyone?

Overall, this summer’s berry picking was a success and I’m looking forward to more blueberries and strawberries next year!


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