Medlock Community Garden sprouts in place of a house washed away in Atlanta’s 2009 floods

Medlock Community Garden in Medlock Park, Decatur, GA

Medlock Community Garden at the corner of Scott Circle and Willivee Drive celebrates its inaugural year - welcome to the neighborhood!

When Atlanta was hit with unprecedented rains last September, Burnt Fork Creek overflowed its banks and swallowed houses in my Decatur neighborhood. A few homes were beyond repair and turned over to FEMA. One of those houses is now the site of the Medlock Community Garden at the crossroads of Scott Circle and Willivee Drive. I’ve been driving by every day for the past few months watching the fence go up, the raised flower beds emerge, the mulch pile spread to cover ground, and a stunning array of vegetables and plants take root.

I stopped by on my bike some weeks ago and talked to one of the founders, who lives around the corner. She said that, once the neighborhood found out that the property had been acquired by FEMA, they started the process of asking to have the land for their own garden. As it turns out, the government would rather have the land in active use and adopted by the neighborhood than to stand as an empty lot, and so turned it over to Medlock Park residents who rent the plots out. Beyond that, I’m not sure how the administration of the garden is handled. Reservations went quickly and it wasn’t long before all of the spaces were taken. I guess that’s to be expected when you have an open, sunny lot in the middle a tree-filled neighborhood where sunlight peaks through the leaves!

I’ll keep you posted as I find out more about the garden – just wanted to share that Decatur has a new community garden! Neighbors are frequently there working on the garden, so stop by sometime and say hi. Oh, and Medlock Community Garden isn’t necessarily the official name yet – it was in flux when I went by – but is the most logical for the sake of conversation.

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