Want to raise back yard chickens in Atlanta or Decatur? Time for Chicks for Charity and Chicks in the City

Have you been thinking about raising chickens in your Atlanta back yard? Been a while since you’ve seen big, fresh eggs with that fat yellowish-orange yolk? Or are you already over hearing about egg recalls (and how many other food recalls?…) in the news? Now’s your chance to raise your own flock of chickens! The following info came from the Reynoldstown yahoo group:

On Saturday August 28th starting at 9 a.m. we will be hosting the second annual Chicks for Charity fundraiser by the Atlanta Backyard Poultry Meetup group and nationally known chicken expert and radio personality Andy the Chicken Whisperer.

They will be giving away 1000 baby chicks and collecting donations for the East Atlanta Kids Club. There will be 2 avian vets present to answer your chicken rearing questions. Also there will be a rolling store to supply you with everything you need to start raising your own.

Andy the Chicken Whisperer will be doing a live broadcast from the market that morning.

The market is located at the corner of N. McDonough St. and E. Trinity Place 1 block south of the square next to Decatur High School. Plenty of free parking in the Calloway Building lot at the corner of Trinity Place and Commerce Dr. The entrance is off Commerce Dr.

Be sure to check your local zoning laws before coming to get some chicks!

Anna Millman  |  404-402-9409  |  anna@annamillman.com  |  http://www.annamillman.com

John Wolfinger in Virginia Highland heeded Anna’s advice and looked up the Atlanta chicken rules:

I just checked our ordinances relating to chickens – we are allowed a maximum of 25 chickens, allowing 2 square feet of land per birds over 4 months of age.

Wondering about Decatur chickens? Your answer lies with the Oakhurst Community Garden! They offer a class on Chicks in the City – and even have an annual tour of chicken coops in Decatur by the same name. You can find a full list of classes on raising chickens and general animal husbandry on the NEW Oakhurst Community Garden website.


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