The short:
Marketing and Communications Professional  |  Blogger  |  Social Networker  |  Graphic Designer  |  Recycler  |  Runner  |  Volunteer  |  Cruise Director  |  Homeowner  | Big Sister

The details:
Since finishing my military service and moving back from Germany in 2006, I have worked as a contracted design consultant in addition to my full-time job as a marketing and communications manager. From October 2006 through August 2011, I had the pleasure of working as the Marketing Manager for The Zac Team @ Ponce Realty. At the beginning of September 2011, I changed jobs to work as the marketing manager for The BeltLine Team real estate group while also taking on more contracted blogging and social networking jobs. Both real estate marketing jobs have been incredibly rewarding where I enjoy the responsibility of coordinating and maintaining all internal and external marketing and communications; developing, designing, implementing, and managing all aspects of online and print marketing; generating SEO-friendly content for websites and blogs; writing and sending email campaigns; social networking; media relations; etc. At The Zac Team, I also worked closely with our Marketing Assistant, IT Guru / Network Administrator, and front desk receptionists who fell under the marketing department (which means I also got to interview and hire our candidates).

Ironically, the current economy has taught me more about marketing than any boom probably could have. My boss and I are constantly inventing ways to do more with what we already have and to find new ways and new technologies to grow our business.

Rewind a bit to when I first moved back to Atlanta from Germany after leaving the Army, when I started in on freelance graphic design work.  As I was reestablishing my civilian life, I was presented with the break-through opportunity to spearhead the redesign of a 32-page, full-color quarterly magazine for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). With an audience of 2,500 people throughout Georgia and the United States, the new magazine resulted in a considerable upgrade & increased the visibility of this professional organization’s chapter newsletter. I also worked with ASID’s committee on various ads, including marketing materials for a line of interior design templates.

During this time, I crossed paths with Marc Geis with TravelHost Atlanta for whom I worked on designing a 56-page, full color, bi-monthly travel magazine as well as a full media kit, business cards, letterhead, etc. to target advertisers throughout metro Atlanta. I also worked in the same capacity of graphic designer for the TravelHost Greater Cincinnati magazine.

I’ve found freelance graphic design and marketing both extremely rewarding and demanding, and look forward to expanding my freelance business in the future.

When I’m not working, I can be found running, hiking, volunteering with the BeltLine, rounding up friends to go do something outdoors, recycling everything I see, pressuring said friends to also recycle everything they see, researching, reading, eating, socializing, more working, etc.

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  1. Linda Pittam says:

    Where is daughter on this???

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