Part II: The land, sustainability, and Serengeti model of Georgia grass-fed beef farm, White Oak Pastures

Since White Oak Pastures became our main source for local, Georgia grass-fed beef, we decided to visit the farm in person where owner / rancher Will Harris took us on a tour where we witnessed a cattle’s life cycle from birth to afterlife. This blog post is part two of a three part series (you can read part I here that covers the abattoir and each step that a cow goes through on its journey from Will’s farm to your grill / table). This second article talks about the sustainability of White Oak Pastures farming methods. →

Want to see a Georgia grass-fed beef farm in action? Visit Will Harris and White Oak Pastures!

We took a tour of White Oak Pastures, a sustainable, grass-fed beef farm in south Georgia with Will Harris, the third generation owner and president. This 3-part series includes the processing plant, the land and sustainability, and Will’s other projects.

“Know your farmer, know your food” program launched by U.S. Dept. of Agriculture!

In an effort to increase awareness of local farmers and to strengthen bonds with the food we eat, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is debuting a new program: “Know your farmer, know your food!” Grant money will move from the government down to local farmers markets and projects to make fresh fruits and vegetables available to low-income individuals.

Support Decatur’s “Farm to School” program (and local Georgia farms) this Friday!

Support Decatur’s “Farm to School” program (and local Georgia farms) this Friday at the Senate Committee on Agriculture hearing!