Annual Atlanta Harvest Festival at one of my favorite parks – Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve!

Come celebrate Halloween and autumn with the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve’s 11th annual Harvest Festival! Located in medlock park, Decatur, GA, the celebration will take place Saturday, November 6th from 4 – 8 p.m.!

“Gardening for Food, Fitness and Fun” – Atlanta gardening classes brought to you by DeKalb Extension

Let your garden grow with 2010 gardening classes from the DeKalb County Extension Service and their series titled “Gardening for Food, Fitness, and Fun!”

Celebrate Halloween in Decatur with the Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve’s 10th Annual Harvest Festival!

Come enjoy the sights and sounds of nature on an autumn evening at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve’s tenth annual Harvest Celebration on Saturday, October 31 (Halloween!), from 4-8 p.m. Bring the family to enjoy music, crafts, nature walks, and a warm campfire with your neighbors.

Greenco Environmental leads the way in Atlanta for commercial composting and making the Zero Waste Zone a reality!

Greenco Environmental is an Atlanta-based composting company that works with restaurants and landscaping companies across the Atlanta area to collect food scraps and yard waste into sought-after local, organic compost.

Creating a vermicomposting container for your home (and giving the gift of worms)!

How to create a vermicomposting container for $60 (including worms!) and start composting your food scraps!

Introducing JavaSoil, a unique fertilizer created from used coffee grounds and compost

JavaSoil, the brainchild of two Atlanta entrepreneurs, is making its way onto the Atlanta market as a new fertilizer made up of used coffee grounds.

Compostable, biodegradable plastic cup, meet my compost pile (day 1)

Compostable, biodegradable plastic cup, meet my compost pile (day 1)

Watering your garden with compost juice or compost tea

Watering your garden with compost juice or compost tea

Compost Awareness Week in Atlanta at the DeKalb Farmers Market

Join Keep DeKalb Beautiful and the DeKalb Farmers’ Market for a Compost Awareness Week, master gardening, and rain barrels!

Compostable food containers made with corn plastics (PLA)

Corn-based plastic, biodegradable, compostable cups can be a viable option for businesses looking for green, earth-friendly products.