When It Comes to Buying a New Home: Go Green To Save Green

energy efficient doors for your home

Home buyers are going green, and research shows that they are even willing to pay more for green homes in a down economy! Especially because buying a green home usually means saving a lot of green on utility bills. With the rising costs of energy, savvy homeowners are paying more upfront to save more over time.
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Increasing energy efficiency in your home: benefit for the environment, your wallet, and your health

Making your home more energy efficient is not only good for the earth, it’s also good for your wallet and health. Here are some simple methods, recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy, for decreasing your carbon footprint, your monthly electricity bill, and serious health risks all at the same time.
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How can the Cash for Caulkers program help you save on retrofits when you reduce your home’s energy consumption?

Looking to take advantage of Cash for Caulkers? Here is an easy-to-read guide to the 13 home energy retrofits and the rebates the government will give you for each one.

Atlanta is going green with a new organic hair salon, gallery, and boutique!

Grand opening for Clove, a new totally green and organic hair salon opening up on 6th Street in Midtown Atlanta!

Take the Energy Star Pledge to fight against global warming!

Take the Energy Star Pledge to fight against global warming!

Save water with these tips from the Environmental Protection Agency!

Whether you’re looking for ways to cut down on your water bill, researching where water comes from for educational purposes, or how water conservation is a necessary lifestyle, the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense page is a great way to start! Our water use as a nation has far outpaced our growth and the majority of … Continue reading