Carbon Accounting: The Future Demise of “Greenwashing” – the practice of marketing one’s company as eco-friendly when it’s not entirely true

Growing skeptical of companies’ claims to be green? Texas-based Software Advice is developing software to hold companies accountable for their carbon footprint and marketing claims.

Is it time to get rid of paper receipts?

The industry of paper receipts fells 9.6 million trees annually – and for what? Is it time to get rid of paper receipts in favor of purely electronic transactions?

Can the construction industry leave paper blueprints behind to go paperless in 2010?

Every year 42,000 trees are killed to print blueprints for the construction industry. The solution? Replace paper blueprints with electronic plans.

Georgia Tech presents the Atlanta Science Cafe on Climate Change and Sustainability

Inspired by the PBS’ Science Cafe movement and sponsored by Georgia Tech, the Atlanta Science Café on Climate Change and Sustainability – a series of free events for the Decatur, Midtown, & Atlanta communities. Atlanta Science Café will explore the impacts of global climate change and emerging advances in sustainable technologies.

Atlanta’s Southface Energy Institute is seeking your environmental input for Greenprints 2010!

Here is a call from Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta to share your environmental knowledge at the 12th annual Greenprints conference in 2010! Southface is seeking subject matter experts on everything from green building to water management to green jobs in the workforce to sustainability and Atlanta’s green movement!

Georgia-based plastics producer launches 100% biodegradable Earth Plastic™ material

Georgia-based plastics producer, American Trade Products, launches 100% biodegradable Earth Plastic™ material

Sustainable Atlanta introduces first comprehensive plan for a greener Atlanta

Goals of the Sustainable Atlanta’s new environmental report for a greener Atlanta!

Southface’s annual Visionary Dinner: “Celebrating Sustainable Values and Business”

Every year, Southface (one of Atlanta’s greenest businesses and an organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities, from architecture and housing to food) hosts a “Visionary Dinner” and this year’s theme is “Farm to Table: Celebrating Sustainable Values.” From the Visonary Dinner invitation… “Experience an inspiring keynote on issues of sustainability and business, and enjoy an … Continue reading

Greenprints Conference, Sustainable Design, coming March 25 & 26, 2008

Check out the latest events going on with Southface here in Atlanta! Get the latest on our environmental developments with the Greenprints Conference and Tradeshow and the Sustainable Atlanta Roundtable!

And another blog is born…

Aspirations: Help create and preserve parks and greenspace; support transportation initiatives; promote a healthy lifestyle for Atlantans; seek out volunteer opportunities