Environmental arts: creative reuses for turning recyclable waste materials into artistic projects

You can recycle just about anything to be reformulated re-produced, but what about putting a wide variety of clean waste materials to an artistic use? It’s one of the oldest forms of recycling – “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But how to go about collecting and recycling waste materials for artistic projects?

“I Don’t Recycle!” New recycling ad campaign by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has launched a new marketing campaign highlighting the stupidity of not recycling.

Recycle your old, broken, or unwanted household items with Freecycle instead of sending them to a landfill!

Recycle your old, broken, or unwanted household items with Freecycle instead of sending them to a landfill!

Georgia-based plastics producer launches 100% biodegradable Earth Plastic™ material

Georgia-based plastics producer, American Trade Products, launches 100% biodegradable Earth Plastic™ material

A few quick Georgia recycling statistics…

Georgia recycling statistics

Sustainable Atlanta introduces first comprehensive plan for a greener Atlanta

Goals of the Sustainable Atlanta’s new environmental report for a greener Atlanta!

“No Scrap Left Behind:” recycling in the work place

Does your office recycle? If not, do you find yourself taking that coke can or yogurt container home with you so you can recycle it in your own bins? Some people will argue that recycling everything in sight can be a bit of an inconvenience, but I’ve found that it’s not so bad. In smaller … Continue reading

Recycling updates for the City of Atlanta

Recycling guidelines and collection calendar for the City of Atlanta

Post-race recycling: getting everyone on board

How to keep running an environmentally neutral activity by recycling water bottles and creating an awareness program encouraging recycling…