Carbon Accounting: The Future Demise of “Greenwashing” – the practice of marketing one’s company as eco-friendly when it’s not entirely true

Growing skeptical of companies’ claims to be green? Texas-based Software Advice is developing software to hold companies accountable for their carbon footprint and marketing claims.

How can the Cash for Caulkers program help you save on retrofits when you reduce your home’s energy consumption?

Looking to take advantage of Cash for Caulkers? Here is an easy-to-read guide to the 13 home energy retrofits and the rebates the government will give you for each one.

Is it time to get rid of paper receipts?

The industry of paper receipts fells 9.6 million trees annually – and for what? Is it time to get rid of paper receipts in favor of purely electronic transactions?

Can the construction industry leave paper blueprints behind to go paperless in 2010?

Every year 42,000 trees are killed to print blueprints for the construction industry. The solution? Replace paper blueprints with electronic plans.